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Maintenance and care of a Padel court

11.01.2023 - Christian Böhnke

Compared to a tennis court, a Padel court is much easier to maintain, as there is no need to prepare it in the spring or during the winter break. In addition, when it comes to care and maintenance, the glass, steel and net elements of the Padel court hardly need any work, as they can withstand the weather without any problems. Only occasional cleaning of these elements is recommended so that the Padel Court continues to shine in its glory.

The only element that requires regular maintenance is the artificial turf. To get the best playing conditions and allow a long shelf life, the following points should be observed:

  1. Within the first 2-3 months, the playing surface must be broken in so that the sand can penetrate the artificial turf structure. For this purpose, it is necessary to regularly add sand in the places where the surface of the artificial turf is only blue (in the case of a blue artificial turf) and no longer covered with sand. In the end, an even distribution of the sand should be ensured.
  2. The penetration of the sand into the artificial turf directly after set-up can be accelerated by "sweeping in", but is not necessary. When the court is set up, the sand is already distributed over the entire surface of the court. Furthermore, it is quite sufficient for a positive development of the playing surface if it is played on and sand is added accordingly (see point 1.). Court defects such as bouncing balls unfortunately have to be accepted at this time, but they also become less from day to day. This period lasts up to 3 months, depending on the frequency of use of the course.
  3. At regular intervals (2-3 weeks are recommended, the more frequent brushing, the less intensive it must be), the artificial turf must be brushed (strongly swept) to prevent hardening or agglutination of the surface. Such hardening may occur due to the sand bonding with the artificial turf as a result of different weather conditions, such as rain and snow, or due to other external influences (moisture due to the location of the pitch, etc.). However, such hardening can be counteracted by brushing or intensive sweeping of the pitch when dry. This should be done in all directions to loosen as many blades of artificial turf as possible from hardening.
  4. In addition, both leaves and weeds must be removed from the Padel court at regular intervals. Apart from the visual component, both foliage and weeds (depends heavily on local conditions) can make the court appear musty and affect the artificial turf. Especially in the winter, when foliage begins to wither, it should have been removed from the Padel court to protect the artificial turf surface. Colder temperatures do not harm the artificial turf, so it does not need to be "winterized". In winter, the Padel Court can be played on without any problems. However, if it has snowed or the ground is frozen, care must be taken not to break the blades of the artificial grass when removing the snow or ice, as the blades can break more easily due to freezing. We therefore recommend playing below 0 degrees only if the playing surface is not frozen. 
  5. 2-3 times a year, after sweeping, the sand should be replaced in small quantities to prevent weathering of the sand. For this purpose, it is sufficient to replace the sand on the surface. Padello supplies additional sand to each square for this maintenance work.

Observance of these points leads to a longer life of the artificial turf and optimal functioning of the drainage. Care beyond this is of course possible, but not mandatory.

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